Monday, August 30, 2010

New baby Kmiec

Welcome to the world little Kmiec!
Last week Stephen Kmiec was brought into the world! We are so excited for you!
Congratulations and God Bless!
Stephen John Kmiec IV
Born on August 27, 2010 at 11:31 am
8 lbs 9 oz - 21 inches

loved by daddy Stephen and mommy Kristen Kmiec!

More pictures from the lake

These are some random pictures of the boys on the boat, and then after.... as you can see Evan was worn out!

Evan wake surf's for the first time!

This weekend we went with some of our friends to the lake. The boys had all wake surfed and I was joking with Evan when I asked him if he wanted to go, and he said yes! All of a sudden he was climbing out of the boat and jumping to his dad ready to go! Ray and him got up the first time! We have it on video and pictures. The video is to large so I will upload it to U tube so you can view it there, but until then here are some pictures of the big man! He loved it and we all did as well. We were so proud of him!
Enjoy the pictures!
Love Michelle

Bath time with both boys!

They both love the bath, and the other night we put them both together to play in the water. Here are some great pictures of them together.
God Bless,

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bid Day

Over the past month or so I have been helping a friend's daughter of mine prepare for going thru Rush. I didn't care whether or not she went was I was (Tri Delta) or not, I honestly wanted her to be happy in where she ended up. I also wanted her to have a great rush where she was able to choose the house she felt like she fit in the most. She decided that house was Chi-o and the Chi-o house wanted her as well, so now she is a Chi-o. Below are some pictures from Bid-day, which is the day when all of the girls going thru rush find out what they are pledging. It is an exciting time. I can't imagine having a daughter going thru after how nervous I was for this little girl, but I have to admit it was so fun doing it all over again. Here are some pictures of us visiting the Tri-Delt house with the boys to show them to the house mom who is by the way my old pledge mom.

God Bless,

Curt and Sara's wedding shower

So, a few weeks ago we hosted a wedding shower at our home for Curt and Sara. We had a blast and so did everyone else, everyone was so excited for the couple and we can't wait for the wedding day! They are beautiful together and we couldn't be more happy for Curt! Congratulations you two we are so happy for you both! Enjoy the pics!
God Bless,

Uncle David's birthday

This past weekend it was my brothers 22nd birthday. Wow every time I say that it makes me feel really old! Anyway, we were so excited that he was up here getting ready to start school, so that we could celebrate his birthday with him! Evan loves his uncle David especially since he plays with him constantly! We had spent the morning at Greek Bid Day (not David of course because he wanted to sleep in but he did give us a ride) and then after David came and picked us up, we took him for lunch, cake and gifts. We had a great time! We still owe him a steak but Ray wanted to be in on that dinner so we postponed it till next week, I will take pictures then because I will probably have a belated cake then as well. Either way, Happy Birthday David! We love you and hope all your wishes came true for your 22nd birthday!

Ray's parents come and visit

A few weeks ago Ray's parents came and visited our home along with his grandmother "mom Emy". We had a great time, they came in as soon as we got off work and stayed for dinner along with extra time to play with the boys. They haven't seen either of them in a while so we had a great time showing off how much Evan is talking along with how much Parker has changed. We were so happy to have them all come and spend time with us, especially his grandmother! It's not to often that you have a chance to hang out with your great grandmother. It was special for all of us, thank you all for taking the time to drive over and have dinner, along with spending time with the boys. Hopefully we can do it all again soon. Below are some pictures from that night.

Parker is sitting up!

The newest update for our family is little Parker is sitting up! It is so early, but we are all so excited especially his big brother. Evan continues to want him to walk and start to play with him, and yet all he does is sit and stare at him. It still is so cute. Below is a picture of our big man sitting up. Sorry it is not the real "first" sitting up but it works for us!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Picture time

Last week we took some family photos as well as Parker 3-4 month pictures. Here is a link to view them along with the password. Wendy Dunn is our photographer and she is fabulous. We got some beautiful photos, even though the boys were not in there best behavior. - click on Canode type in Parker for the Password

Or try

We were very happy with the way they turned out!

Another Golf Tournament!

This past weekend, we packed up and headed south again. This time for a golf tournament that Ray had been invited to play in with Trevor Coffee. A fraternity brother from his that currently lives in Hope with his wife Jodi and two beautiful daughters. We dropped the kids off in Texarkana with my parents, sister and brother. That way they could have some bonding time and we wouldn't have to leave them with a stranger Friday night. After that we met Jodi and Trevor at there home where the boys set out for a shut out (which they didn't do very well in) and we met them at the club for drinks, dinner and music. We had a great time catching up and hanging out. The next day the boys went to play golf and we Jodi and I drove to Texarkana for some swimming with my family, lunch, and then we took the boys back to Hope to show them off to some of Ray's other Frat brothers in town, then before dinner took them back to my parents house. On Sunday we slept in as late as possible (8:30) and packed up. My dad came and picked me up so that I could hang out with them while Ray played the last bit of the tournament. We had a great trip, Ray didn't win any money but the trip was worth it! We got to see Trevor and Jodi's new home (which is gorgeous!) and hang out with them since we do not get to see them very often. As well as see my family especially my sister (who now lives in Little Rock). We had an excellent time! Thanks for having us and thanks to my parents for watching the kids, Evan had a blast!
This week has already flown by... we are preparing our house for a wedding shower for Curt and Sara this weekend! It should be a great time! I can't wait to catch up with everyone who comes, and to celebrate for the two! We are so happy for them both!
I hope you all have a wonderful week! God Bless!
New words:
frog: prog
woody: wobby
buzz: buzz
golf club: golf club, golf course, golf ball (favorite words and things to play with - obssessed!)
pillow: piwwow
dog: ruff -dog
no, no no - points his finger while he says it
please: pwease
love you: uv u
banana: nana
nana: nana
papa: papa
david: dav dav
mandy: mani
mama: mama
dadda: dadda
parker: parker
brother: brotter
truck, car, - - - - - all in all he is talking so much now - and these are just a few words that he is saying that we think are so cute when he says them! Love love love watching him grow! He is so cute and happy little boy. He loves playing golf, and swimming (oh my gosh he is already jumping off the diving board without any help) he is a dare devil and full boy!

rolling over
making lots of noises (so cute to listen to)
taking bottle well
stands on his own if you put him where he can hold onto something
smiling, smiling, smiling! he is such a happy baby!
Sleeping half way thru the night, then wakes up and wants momma and milk.

I'll add more later but all in all we are truly blessed with some wonderful little boys full of joy! God made our dreams come true!!
God Bless,