Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last weekend!

Last weekend was gorgeous!! We spent the entire time outside! Friday we had a birthday party for Harris - the big # 4, and the rest of the weekend was spent outside! We went out to the lake, but our boat is getting cleaned up for Memorial Day weekend so it was not in the water to take out, so we just enjoyed looking at all the boats and eating at the Marina. Afterwards we went to the club pool to see how Evan would like the water. He loved it. Here are some pictures from the weekend! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and make the most of the upcoming long weekend ahead. The weather is supposed to be beautiful!

Updates on the boys:

-talking up a storm! New words he loves saying: golf cart, golf club, golf ball, water, please (so cute because it sounds like he's saying peas), papa, and many more - he is getting now to where if you ask him to say a word he will repeat it back to you... sometimes you can understand what he is saying
- using his utensils (he uses the fork better than the spoon because it stays on the fork when he stabs it, the spoon gives him a little trouble... when he turns it to put it in his mouth it usually all falls off
- riding his little tricycle with the pedals and now understands how to steer it
- sleeping pretty well through the night
- so much more alert - smiling
- rolls over if you put him on his stomach
- loves, loves, loves the outside and the water

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Congratulations Curt and Sara!

Congratulations Curt and Sara on your engagement to be married! Here is a picture of the rock! It's beautiful! We are so happy for you both!!
God Bless,

Weekend pics!!

This weekend was kind of gloomy but of course Evan still wanted to be outside.... So, we made the best of it, here are some random pictures of him in the backyard playing along with Ray and Parker. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
God Bless,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

This week flew by so quickly. The weather has been so beautiful, all we have done the entire week is stay outside. Evan has become obsessed with the outside. As soon as I pick him up from daycare if he doesn't get to go straight outside to play he throws a fit. Which I would complain if he were fitting over other things like playing video game or watching TV, but since it is to go outside I can't get to upset. The best part is that Parker is liking the outside just as much. There have been many times when he starts crying and if you take him outside he stops. Anyway, after the week was over on Saturday we met up with some of our friends on Dickson at Doe's to celebrate birthdays. It was the first time leaving Parker and Evan with someone, I didn't worry over it to much because my parents were in town they volunteered to watch them both, and I knew if Parker was giving them trouble they wouldn't have any problem calling me and telling me it was time to come home, but everything went great. He made it through the entire night so we were able to enjoy a long nice dinner with friends. He even took a bottle for the first time that night as well. On Sunday we woke and all cooked breakfast together for mother's day (I had to help of course) and then got ready and went to church. Afterwards Ray had made reservations for lunch and then we went home and enjoyed the outside. It was a wonderful day! Thank you Ray for making it so special! I hope all of you mother's had a wonderful day, and felt loved and appreciated as much as you should!! I know I would not be the woman I am today had it not been for my wonderful mother! Thank you mom for all that you are and all that you do!! I love you, and again Happy Mother's Day to all!
God Bless,

Updates on Parker:
He is holding his head up so well! He is already wearing 3 month clothes, because he is so long! He smiles and is starting to cue and make the sweet little noises. He loves the outside all ready! He is sleeping mostly throughout the night. Typically he wakes up about once maybe twice a night. I usually have to wake up once and pump. He loves laying on your chest and falling asleep, and loves bath time!

Updates on Evan:
He is in the big boy class now, sleeping on a mat and eating at a table. He is using his utensils a lot better. Starting to talk a lot more. Words you are able to understand are --- Ball, balloon, golf, more, brother, parker, mom, dad, nana, David, dog, duck, turtle, and many more but there is a pattern with his words he likes saying the most... they all have some kind of ball in them. He is obsessed with outside. Loves riding bikes with his dad. Loves waking up and checking on Parker, says Uh Oh everytime Parker cries, brings him pacifiers, pats on him, and hugs and kisses him all day long. Loves his little brother and so proud to be his big brother!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Catch up with some pictures...

Nothing big has been going on this past week, but I did want to say thank you to everyone who has brought over dinner to us. This has helped out tremendously. It never fails around dinner time it seems like time starts to pass by so much quicker than the entire day, and with the two boys it's a little harder putting together a quick dinner for all of us than it used to be. We are adjusting but not having to worry about dinner every once in a while helps so much! Thank you again to everyone! I got a picture of some that have brought over dinner, and to see Parker, I apologize for not getting everyone my camera was MIA (missing in action for a little while due to it getting cleaned). Also, some pictures from Evan throwing a fit because it's bed time and he still wants to go outside and play, along with some pictures of him on his new outdoor toys (thanks mom for the great idea he loves it!) and swings at the park, and of course some of Parker sleeping during all of the entertainment... so fun I hope everyone is having a great week, enjoy the sunshine!
God Bless,