Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Maya and Evan ... so cute

The other day some of our best friends stopped by the house on their golf cart with their daughter Maya. We tried to get Evan to give Maya a kiss and she kept pushing him away, and then Ray took him for a ride with Chad on the golf cart. Evan of course wanted to stay on so we put Maya on the golf cart with him and took a few pictures of them. I thought they were so cute! I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!
God Bless,

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Parker Ray Smiles!!

Parker came into this world smiling and this is the first smile we actually caught on camera! I had to post it for all to see! This was while he was asleep. It made me melt, I hope it brings a smile to your face as much as it did mine.
God Bless,

Happy Birthday Aunt Mandy!!

On Wednesday we left to drive to Texarkana so that Ray could meet up with Trevor Coffee (who lives in Hope) and go Turkey hunting deep in the heart of Oklahoma (7 hours away), and me and the boys stayed with my parents so that I could have some help while Ray was away. On Thursday we went looking for my mom some new furniture for her new house, along with runnng several errands she needed to get done including taking the boys and showing them off to several people that have not seen them yet. One person in paritcular is my very best friend Ginger. We drove down to Ashdown to drop off some work to my mom's clients and ran by my best friend Ginger's house to see if she was home. We were so glad she was because her son Hudson is only 4 months older than Evan and we have been wanting to get them together for so long. Here are some pictures of them playing together. Friday we drove up to North Little Rock where my mom's side of the family is to introduce little Parker Ray Canode for the first time. My grandparents have not seen Evan since Christmas and have never seen Parker. Several of my aunts came over along with my cousins to see the little man, along with Evan. The trip was short but it was nice getting to show the boys off. That night we went out to eat in Texarkana with Amanda (my sister) and Geoffrey her boy friend for her 25th birthday. On Saturday Dad toke Evan to his first model airplane show along with Mandy and Geoffrey, and me and mom ran more errands. As you will see in the pictures that night Mandy and Geoffrey had a wedding to go to in New Boston so we made sure they toke pictures with the boys. On Sunday Ray was getting back into town after killing his 2 turkeys, and mom and dad were flying out to California. After lunch Mandy and Geoffrey went back to North Little Rock so I had the boys all to myself a little while until Ray got into town. We decided to stay one more night in Texarkana since Ray's trip was already long enough that day. So today we are back home! It was a great trip for us all! The boys are exhausted and so are we but we had fun doing it all! I hope you all had a great weekend! Here are some pictures from the weekend, as you will see my parents live a block away from Texarkana Country club so Evan ended up spending lots of time riding golf carts and playing with golf balls on the practice greens. Thanks dad for keeping him busy! Enjoy the pics!
We hope you had a great birthday Aunt Mandy!! We love you very much!!
God Bless,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Big Boy Bed!

Here is a picture of Evan in his new bed! No, he is not really sleeping in it yet but we are practicing at night by reading books in his bed and then after he falls asleep Ray carries him into the crib. Parker is in our bedroom sleeping in the pack and play. So it frees up the crib until we feel Evan is ready to move into the big boy bed. His new room has two twin beds and one has a trundle in it for when we move him to his room so he can slowly progress to his new bed. At his daycare he has been moved into a room where they no longer sleep in cribs, instead they sleep on cots and the teachers say he has been doing well. So, he may be ready to move into his new bed sooner than later, but we are in no hurry! He already is to smart and growing to fast as it is!
Updates on both of them:
Evan - has started really talking! He loves saying brother and Parker! He can say momma, daddy, nanna, David, dog and anything that starts with a B! He loves loves loves going outside, as soon as he gets home from daycare he pulls who ever is closest to the door outside to ride in the pull cart behind the bike. Each night before dinner Ray takes him on a bike ride and he fights getting out of it, its so cute!
Parker - such a great baby! He eats very well, sleeps well, and so far so good! He already is smiling, he holds his head up already, we can't believe how strong he is, Evan loves holding him (really we hold him in Evan's arms but it makes him feel like a big boy)!


Easter was a busy one for the Canode family! Not only did we have a new born, but we also moved into a new home over the weekend. We are so excited to finally be moved in and somewhat situated. We made the most of Easter weekend... since Parker was not even a week old, we were afraid to take him out in public to church so we stayed around the house on Sunday hunting for eggs and went out to eat at the club. Jamie Davis joined the family and we had a great time. My parents were in town to help with the move, along with my brother David. The weather was unbelievable and as you will see in the pictures the club offered some activities for the kids. The Easter bunny was taking pictures with the kids (which Evan was not fond of), small real bunnies were available for petting (Evan enjoyed that part), and there was also pony rides (again Evan wasn't so sure of those either). All in all it was a great day, the food was fantastic, especially since I didn't have to worry about cooking, the weather was nice, and we had not only Christ to celebrate but also so many wonderful things to be thankful for blessing our family with this past year! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and remembered the true reason for the day! Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers for Parker Ray Canode! He has been a true blessing! Here are some pictures from Easter!