Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dinner with Evan...

Tonight at dinner the camera was close so I took some pictures of him eating dinner and then dessert! Dinner is always a very messy time, he wants to feed himself now, therefore he makes a very big mess... Enjoy the pictures...
God Bless,

Mystery Night Party

Last weekend Bo and Sabrina put together a mystery party and invited us all to come over to figure out the "killer." If I had to describe it I would say it's a lot like clue but in real life. We all dressed up in our character and had a blast. It was so great to see everyone and catch up on everything. It was so funny to see everyone dressed up in there costumes, I will try and put as many pictures as I can so you can see some of the costumes. Ray was a rich accountant and I was his wife, the characters dated back to the 40's era. I hope in the pictures you can see how great everyone dressed up for the party. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the party.

Motorcross with Daddy!

A few weekends ago we went out to the dirt bike track to let Ray practice on his motorcross. Evan loves watching the motorcycles ride around and especially loves sitting on them and pretending that he is driving the bike. Here is a few pictures from the weekend of them both on the bike.

Night with all the kids!

A few weeks ago Kayla and Ireland had all of us mom's and kids over to have play time together. It was so good to see everyone and how much all of the kid's have changed. Here are some pictures from the night. We had a great time! Thanks Kayla for putting it together.

Orange Day at Evan's School!

At Evan's daycare they have color days and since we moved up to the walkers room in September this is our first color day we were able to participate in. Ray took a few pictures of some of his classmates playing and wearing there orange. It was so cute, the boys were al in jeans and orange shirts but the girls were so cute with dresses, little outfits and orange bows! So cute, and great picture time... and it helps the kids learn there colors.
Enjoy the pictures!

Auburn Razorback Game!

Here's a few pictures from the Auburn game. Evan loves the football games, it's so cute he raises his arms when everyone calls the hogs and claps when everyone claps. He doesn't make it the entire game about half time he usually takes a nap. I hope you enjoy the pictures, sorry there are not more! I will take lots at the Homecoming Game. By the way if you are going to the game make sure to wear Red. they are calling it a red out, and passing out red shirts to the first 50,000 people to enter the stadium!

Evan's first bike ride...

Several weeks ago we bought something that would allow us to take Evan along with us when we went for our night bike rides. He loved it! Below are some pictures from his first ride. He laughed and smiled the entire ride, until the last 10 minutes where he fell asleep. It was so cute. Enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Evan's first Pumpkin Patch experience...

This weekend we woke up early on Saturday morning to walk in the TourdeCure. The event was a success and it was a beautiful day to have the event! It was located at the Arvest Ball Park. You could either bike ride 100, 50 or 20 miles, or walk 3 miles. We chose to walk the 3 miles, even though we have a rider for Evan to ride in pulled behind Ray's bike, but we were afraid he wouldn't make the 20 mile ride. It was a perfect amount of time and we got a chance to visit and catch up with a lot of friends that also participated in the event. Cody Smith was one of the head coordinators and did a wonderful job pulling it all together - great job Cody! After the walk we stayed for a little while after and then left for lunch and home to shower and get cleaned up to go and visit the McGarrah Pumpkin Farm in Pea Ridge. I was able to get several cute pictures of Evan and Ray picking the pumpkins, along with some family pictures that other people had volunteered to take for us. We had a great time and picked some great pumpkins. In the pictures you will be able to guess which pumpkin Evan picked for himself. We pan on carving them in a few weeks so they last till Halloween. If anyone is looking for a good pumpkin place to take your kids, I would suggest the McGarrah farm, they had barrel rides, hay rides, corn maze, and picnic tables to have a picnic if you want. It is very easy to get to along with the people that own the farm are very nice.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, we sure did! Enjoy the pictures!
God Bless,

Thursday, October 1, 2009


On Monday we had an appointment for an ultrasound to test for down syndrome and cystic fibrosis, unfortunately it was to late in the pregnancy by 3 cm. Therefore, the doctor scheduled for us to run the old testing that will test for the same thing. The difference is the new test is more precise and they have no false positives using these test. What we did find out is the baby is healthy, growing fast and moving around a lot! Something else we found out is that they think it is a boy. The ultrasound tech says she is very sure (since she says she found a winky) that it is a boy, but we are not rushing out to buy anything yet until we know for sure. But I figured I would go ahead and pass on the good news because Ray has told everyone he comes into contact with that we think it is a boy, and I received several phone calls asking why I haven't spread the news. Therefore, I figured I would post it just in case... We both are extremely excited no matter what it is, and we have names for each as long as it is healthy, ten figured and ten toed we will both be happy. God has already blessed me with a wonderful little boy and I pray that this next baby will be blessed in the same way, and I pray that we can raise him to know how blessed we are for having him in our world! After being around pregnancies and finding out how many things can go right and wrong I ask that you pray that all goes well and no matter what the sex is, that this baby is born into the world happy, healthy, and complete, and has the love and support to bring him up the best way God can expect! Thank you everyone for your blessings and congrats! I will keep you posted if we find out anything new!
God Bless, and have a wonderful week!