Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beautiful Weekend!

Friday Ray left for his National Sales Meeting so I have the boys on my own this weekend! Luckily the weather has been amazing!! Friday we came home and played outside till we could not see ourselves because it was so dark - and Saturday I tried my best to make the most of the day! We woke up early and made breakfast then I loaded up the boys for a jog in the stroller. It ended up being a 21/2 hour walk/jog since Evan wanted to get out a lot and explore or help push Parker. We went down to the putting green and Evan hit some balls. For lunch we went up to Evan's favorite Chick-fil-a. As we were eating some of our friends called and invited us to meet them at the playground in our neighborhood. The boys had a blast - we go there all the time so Evan knew exactly what to do! I had my camera so I was able to get some fun pictures of Evan with Maya and Parker playing around! The Hatfield's left before we did - we ended up staying there forever! Finally Parker was getting tired so we took him home to take a nap and Evan to get a snack. Evan finally went down for a nap and after lots more playtime outside we ate dinner and settled down with a bath and buzz and woody movie! We had a blast and wish Daddy was here to enjoy it but he is on his way home as I type. Hopefully the weather will be as pretty this afternoon for us to play with him outside! I hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful days!
God Bless,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Days!

After I finished working I came home and bundled up Evan to run outside and enjoy the snow a little. He was so funny he loved putting all of the gear on except for the gloves, I think because it took to long... Either way we stayed outside for a while until he feel in the snow and realized it was very cold on his hands. After that he came to me and said, "it's cold momma go inside." So that was about the extent of our snow day. I wasn't to worried though because both of them are fighting a cold so it was probably better for them to be inside anyway. Here are some pictures from the day. Here are some pictures from us goofing around with the ski helmets around the house. Evan loves putting "his helmet" on like daddy!
Updates on Evan:
2 year appointment - everything went great passed all of the test and measuring 90% height and 70% weight.
He is talking up a storm - full sentences!
Counting to 10 with no trouble
Saying his ABC's - has a little trouble around the QRSTUV part but its so cute because he sings thru the part where I guess your not supposed to notice..
Potty Training - going well so far - he is only wearing pull-ups now and is go #1 in the potty with no trouble. #2 isn't coming so easy he tends to wait at the exact time when he has to go to tell us so we usually are a little to late to the potty for that one. I am not complaining though because he is doing very well. Were not pushing it on him - if we celebrate when he goes in the potty but he doesn't get in trouble if he doesn't.
He still plays very well with Parker - it's so funny when Parker is doing something wrong and we are telling him no - Evan likes to help tell him no.
Updates on Parker:
Still not walking but he has taken his first step
He can stand forever and bend down and get up on his own he just decides to crawl instead of walking...
He has started to eat more people food - because of Evan's gracious sharing Parker has been able to try a lot of things real early
He is saying momma and dadda and he calls Evan something were not exactly sure what he is trying to say - it sounds a little like br br "maybe brother" either way it is so cute when they are playing together
He is sleeping thru the night
Drinking from his brothers sippy cups
Uses a spoon on his own (because he demands it)

Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm!
God Bless,

Friday, January 21, 2011


Ray and I decided to go to the Sugar Bowl and had a blast! Even though we lost we still made the most of the trip! We drove thru Texarkana to drop the kids off with my parents and then from there drove to New Orleans. There were lots of people down there to meet up with and go out on Burbon street with including Mandy and Geoffrey. We couldn't believe it but we did find them out of all the waves of red. It was amazing if you weren't wearing Red you were out of place for sure! We were very glad we went. We did manage to take one picture while were down there on Ray's phone... this was my fault I brought the camera but the memory card was full of pictures I hadn't downloaded yet. We had a great time and after is was all over proud of our HOGS! Go Hogs!
God Bless,

Christmas pictures

Ok sorry it has taken me an entire month to post these but we have been a little busy! Here are pictures from Christmas. My parents came up from Texarkana and Mandy, Geoffrey, and David came up as well. We all had a great time - Christmas Eve we went and watched the movie Meet the Fockers 3 "I would definitely wait till it comes out on video. It was cute but not near as cute and funny as the others. Afterwards, we went home and ate dinner and watched more movies. Christmas morning was great Evan got his first Bicycle and loved it! He has been riding it ever since! Parker had his first Christmas and of course didn't really know what was going on but still was very cute playing with the paper and boxes! We had a great Christmas and were very thankful that everyone was able to come up! Ray's parents were unable to come over because his mom had invited her sister and mom over for Christmas so we had a late Christmas with them at there house. All in all we had a wonderful Christmas season and look forward to more with the boys!
God Bless, Michelle