Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Visit to coney islander

Saturday of last week we visited Rays parents and met them at Ray's favorite stop "coney islander" in Tulsa ok. The kids enjoyed the hot dogs and we enjoyed the low Keynes of the event. Afterwards we went to the aquarium and they loved seeing all the fish and shark! It was a wonderful time and the kids enjoyed spending time with their papa Mel,grandma Ann, and Grandma Emmy.
Thanks for having us over for the day!

Pictures from a sleepy little boy

I couldn't help but posting these I thought they were so precious! Little Davis is growing up so fast! Here he is falling asleep at dinner time;)

Pray for Grayson

Visiting Little Rock

We made a trip recently to Little Rock to spend some time with Mandy and Geoffrey to show our support and to see Grayson. It snowed on our way down and during the trip down. The boys LOVED it! Here are some pictures from them playing in Mandy's and Geoffrey's back yard!

God blessGrayson!

Grayson had his surgery and it went longer then expected. It has been a roller coaster for the sweet baby boy but over the past few days he has made amazing progress. They were able to close his chest and have begun to reduce his medicines that he his on. He is still excubated but making great progress and getting stronger! He is still at Children's cardiac ICU unit in Little Rock. My sister and Geoffrey have basically been living at the hospital. Lease keep all of them in your prayers and pray that Grayson continues to grow stronger and get better.
God bless,