Monday, June 15, 2009

Sorry we've been extremely busy!

Ok so I have been a bad blogger. So sorry! Let me try and catch up on everything that has been going on lately. First of all on Memorial Day weekend we went out to the lake to celebrate. We had a great time despite the rain and the fact that I dropped my camera into the lake!! Which is probably another reason I haven't been blogging because it reminds me of my long lost camera, but no excuse because we have taken pictures on our phones. Either way, we had a great time out on the lake with everyone!
Some other excited news is my territory changed! I am finally working in the northwest Arkansas territory with my job rather than driving to Fort Smith everyday. This has been something I have been waiting several years to happen and just recently a position came availble and I was asked if I was interested and got the opportunity to change product lines and territory! Ray and I are so excited for so many reasons!
Even more exciting news... Ireland Kate Malone is finally here! She was born last week! She is beautiful! I will post pictures as soon as I return home from meetings in New Jersey! Kayla did great and Ireland is healthy and very well!!
There is lots more I could talk about but for now I will leave it at that until I add some pictures or post a new blog. Hope everyone is doing well! We are doing great, Evan is getting so big and beggining to crawl! I am in New Jersey till next Wednesday so say a little prayer for Ray... he is at home with Evan and doing such a great job until my mom comes up to help! She will be there tonight.
Have a great week,
Love and God Bless