Monday, November 24, 2008

Ten days left!

We are officially ready now for little Evan Ray to come into the world. The baby room is complete. Today I met up with Casey and picked up everything we needed, to put the final touches on the baby room. She did an amazing job - I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out, and I know for a fact if I tried to do it myself I sure wouldn't be content... so I am so happy that she was able to help me put together the baby room I always wanted. Above is a video clip and some pics to show what the finished room looks like. Hope you enjoy!
Also, this past weekend we had our annual Thanksgiving dinner with friends. We had such a great turnout - - it was so nice to see everyone and catch up! Every was making jokes that next year we would have to pay a babysitter to come and sit for us... since almost half of the girls at the party were pregnant! This year was a blast, glad everyone could come and blessed that we are all still doing well and staying healthy and happy! We definitely have lots to be thankful for! Can't wait till the Wine exchange! As soon as I get pictures from Jamie I will post them for everyone to see... like I said it was a blast!

In closing I hope you all have a wonderful holiday week and weekend with your family and friends. Be safe traveling, and take time to remember what we celebrate this holiday for... it's not the great food, or the time from work but all of the small and big things that we have in life that we take for granted and need to be thankful for. I hope you all find the joy in the holiday and take away from it many wonderful memories to keep for a lifetime! God bless and all the best!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Clowning around at work!

Ray had to take pictures with his docs and turn them in for a slideshow for there upcoming national sales meeting. Thought they were pretty funny so heres one for you Dr. Queeney!

2 Weeks to go or 13 days to be exact!

Wow I can't believe it is almost time. This week the Doctor said we are still contracted at a little over 1 cm. but we are effaced 70% which is more than last week at 50%. No specific date yet, but he still us to be ready for anything. Our next appointment is next Wednesday so I'll keep everyone up to date on what he says.

Also, this week one of my very best friend had a birthday and we have a rolling tradition of meeting at Bordino's for a night out with the girls and a good excuse to have a nice dinner out and have cake. Attached is a picture from that night! It was so good seeing everyone and catching up! Can't wait till the next birthday!

Another exciting thing happened this week - our window treatments and bedding for the babies room was completed and delivered. I attached some pictures to give you an idea of what it will look like, but Monday the room will be completely finished, so as soon as it is finished I will put it on the blog for all to see... since everyone has been wondering when this room will be complete! So I can now say it will be complete on Monday and it feels so good to have it finished. Casey is doing a wonderful job and I can't thank her enough for taking time out of her busy schedule to help us pull all this together!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

19 days until due date!

Well it's count down time... Several people have been asking how the appointments are going so I thought I would post the latest from our doctors appointment last Thursday. As of Thursday we are dilated by one cm. Typically a doctor wants you to be dilated to 4 cm. before admitting you into the hospital, at 10cm you are ready to have the baby. Therefore we are taking the advice from the doctor and have our bags packed, the car ready, and staying close by one another in case Evan decides to come early. We have our next appointment this Thursday and if anything changes I will be sure to update it on the blog otherwise please keep us in your prayers, and our new little baby boy Evan. I wish you all the best and hope you have a wonderful week! Can you believe it is only 2 weeks until Thanksgiving...

Also, I have a wonderful friend that has finally decided to put her creativity on the web to sale. If you have a little girl you will absolutely love what she can put together for you. click here to view some of her work

Monday, November 3, 2008

Homecoming and a Hog win... 32 days to go!

Well the Hogs pulled a win against Tulsa this weekend, which made the end to the tailgating season all smiles. I can't believe it is already almost Thanksgiving and the football season is almost over.
This past weekend was a whirlwind starting with trick or treaters around 6:00 and a Halloween party at 8:00 at the Kmieks home. We all had a great time and there were some great costumes... we probably had the worst time coming up with a costume that would work with my pregnant body and allowed Ray to dress up as much as he wanted. What we ended up coming up with was a Motor cross rider and pit "girl." Granted it did keep us from buying anything new since Ray had everything already but it was a confusing costume to many. Either way, we had a great time - - thanks for having us!
Also, this weekend we set up and took the tailgate down for the last of the 2008 year. Thanks to everyone who helped chip in and set it all up and to everyone else who stopped by to enjoy! We plan on making it a tradition so get ready for next year!
On a serious note tomorrow is the last day to vote - and if you haven't already I pray that you find time to make an effort and go vote... the future I am afraid is in our hands. So get out and vote and make your voice known... its not that hard! I plan on attaching some great pics from Halloween and the tailgate hope you enjoy them! Keep smiling and have a great week! Soon I hope I will have pictures of the baby room and will post them for all to see.