Friday, January 6, 2012

Trick or Treat!!

We loaded up the golf cart and headed out in the neighborhood to go trick or treating! The kids were adorable!! They had a blast! The Malone's came out and went with us, and we tried meeting up with the Hatfields but they were dressed as Bat family and scared the kids (it was pretty funny) but they scared them so bad that we couldn't be around them because Parker cried the entire time they were around us. Enjoy the pictures!

Happy Halloween!

Evan was Buzz! Parker was Woody! Davis was the little Alien off of Toys Story and me and Ray tried to make ourselves into Buzz and Jessie with what we had at the house. Here are some pictures of us getting ready to go to the Country Club Halloween festival. The kids had a blast and loved their costumes! So cute!

Pictures around the house!

Bath time with the boys is hilarious - here are some pictures of them both in their together - as well here are some pictures of all of the boys on the floor playing around. Davis is getting so big. He already can roll over! Yes crazy I know but he is such a mover and a shaker which I was afraid of since that was how he was inside my stomach. We think he is going to be a lot like Evan (never stops). Love our little happy boy! Enjoy the pictures!

Buzz and Woody Happy Halloween!

Here are pictures of the boys after we decorated our pumpkins this year. No knives involved but they still loved it! Here is everyone outside the house posing behind their pumpkin. What is so cute is the pumpkins match their costumes!
Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Patch

This year we went to the McGraw pumpkin patch to get ready for Halloween. The boys were so cute picking the pumpkins that they wanted. Davis even though he was tiny he even got a pumpkin. Evan was so funny the entire time he wanted to pull the wagon with Parker and Ray in it, and he actually was able to pull them. This year he actually enjoyed riding the little horse pulling things. He wanted to keep riding them. Unfortunately it scared Parker so he stayed back with all of us while Evan rode around. Parker did ride the hayride and loved riding on it. So cute - they are all getting so big and loved being outside running thru the hay and picking up the pumpkins! Enjoy the pictures!


So the boys finally received haircuts - We took them to Pigtails and Crewcuts in Fayetteville... and lets just say it took a few suckers and sitting in Daddies lap to trust the ladies enough to let them cut the hair. They looked great after getting it cut... but older. Enjoy the pictures.