Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Please pray!!!

 Please, please say special prayers for Meredith, Patrick, Cole, their families and this precious
lil guy...Miller.
They are going through so much right now and need prayers filled with strength, comfort, and hope.
We know they will travel this journey with the same strength that they have entered it with.
God bless this little boy and his family!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Number 3 is on it's way!

Yes you are reading that correctly! We are pregant with another wonderful baby boy! We are so excited! It is a big suprise to us both but we could not be more excited. They will all be so close to one another! We are due August 6. Everything is going great - the best part of it all is that I went thru my first trimester without even knowing that I was pregnant... and if you don't believe me ask my husband! We are going to name him Davis Ray Canode!! Keep him in your prayers and us please! I pray that he is healthy, happy and blessed! Thank you everyone for your support and celebration in our exciting news!
God Bless,

Razorfest 2011

This weekend we went down to the U of A to take part in Razorfest. The weather was so nice! Mandy and Geoffrey were also in town so the kids were able to play with them! We had a great time. Here are a few pictures that I got of Evan climbing out of the jumparoo - I will down load more and update them tomorrow! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We definitely made the most of it all!

Playing around at the house!

I walked in on the boys the other day playing around and caught them in the act. I thought these pictures came out so cute - they really show the personalities of them both! So cute!! Enjoy and I hope it makes you smile!

Thomas the Train!

While we were at the supercross race mom and dad found an event for them to go to, and Evan loved it so much! He is currently in love with Thomas the Train. So when mom and dad found the event in Greenville called a Day out With Thomas - Evan was set for the weekend! They spent all day Saturday there, along with us returning on Sunday and staying half of the day on Sunday! We all got to ride Thomas the train - play in the sand, gets Thomas tattoos, go to a petting zoo and so much more! Thanks mom and dad again for coming and helping with the kids they both had such a fabulous time!

Dallas Supercross or bust!

A few weekends ago we made the trip to Dallas to watch the only supercross race that we could make this year. It was fantastic especially since it was in the new stadium. Mom and dad were so nice to meet us there so we didn't have to worry about taking the kids. We had a great time, didn't really get good pictures but here are a few from the event!

Evan is obsessed with Golf

So can you tell our little man is obsessed with playing golf - even in the rain he wants to be outside hitting golf balls. We love that he is so excited to play the game, but also find it humerous that the first things out of his mouth when he comes home is "play golf daddy" or "go hit golf balls daddy." If you don't believe me you should check out his hand... he now has a blister on his hand from hitting so much! We had to buy the kid a glove at the age of 21/2. So fun!
Enjoy the pics

New Razorback Basketball coach - Mike Anderson

In the celebration of getting a new Razorback basketball coach at the U of A. Ray also had the opportunity to meet up with some of his old basketball mates! Ray, Evan and my dad all went to the press conference celebration and afterwards went down on the court to take a few pictures. Evan loved calling the hogs and getting to take pictures with some very tall guys! Go Hogs!

Happy 1st Birthday Parker!!!

Parker turned 1 on March 25th! We celebrated by having his birthday party at Fast Lanes just like we did for Evan! Lots of balloons, bowling, pizza, go-carts and gaming! Thank you to everyone that came to the party! It meant so much to have so many people there to show Parker how many people care about him! You all are fabulous friends and mean so much to us! I hope everyone had as much time as we did. I know the kids wore themselves out - especially those that were carried out - including the birthday boy. Again, thanks to everyone!
God Bless, and happy birthday Parker!