Thursday, September 4, 2008

27 Weeks...6 and 1/2 months

Almost there - wow it is flying by. Just recently Evan has become very active in my stomach - many nights I can't go to bed because he is so active (kicking and moving) also he loves already waking me up! This movement and kicking is a constant reminder that he is ready to come on out! Either way, no new updates we have a check up next week and plan on going to have the 4D ultrasound done very soon. As soon as we have this done I will post them on the blog in case anyone else is interested in viewing them. Also, as soon as I have time I will get the pictures from this past weekend (Labor day weekend at the lake) and post them on the blog for everyone to see! I had a blast - thanks everyone for coming out and making it a labor day to remember!