Sunday, September 27, 2009

Evan's first Bikes Blues and BBQ

Last Thursday we decided to take Evan down on Dickson street for a stroll, to introduce him to the "biking" world. We went early so that it wouldn't be to crowded, and so we would be able to eat dinner down there after viewing all of the sights. Evan always enjoys his stroller rides so we had a great time, it also made Ray miss his bike... perhaps he will be able to get another one in the future but not at the present time since there is no one that would be able to ride it with him. Either way, I took some pictures of us down on Dickson street and also some from Evan's first train ride! The pictures turned out as good as we could expect, and the train ride Evan loved! The train that usually takes a trip during the weekends down to Van Buren was set up to give rides from downtown Dickson street up to Baum stadium. We purchased round trip tickets ($1.00 per person) and rode the train down and back. It was short but just long enough for Evan, after that we ate at dinner on Dickson and headed home.
This weekend flew by, we had plans on Friday to go with some friends of ours to the reopening of the Ruth Chris bar. They haven't changed much, the drink menu is different and the atmosphere has changed a little, but beyond that everything else is the same. They have added some special things during the week, like ladies night, appetizer night (1/2 all apps in the bar) and specials on drinks other nights. The night was fun, lots of drinks (for everyone else) lots of dancing, and a babysitter till 12:00. Thanks everyone for making it a great night we had a blast!
Saturday was not exciting at all but nice family time, we hung around the house enjoying the beautiful day, cleaned up the house, and got some things around the house completed that we have been putting off.
Sunday... Church and motor cross. Ray had to get his fix, and I have to admit it was a perfect day for spending the day outside. We had a great weekend, except for the Razorbacks loosing... but we did play better than we have in a while so were looking forward to Auburn! I hope you all had a great weekend as well. Make it a great week. God Bless!

Oh, tomorrow we have a routine ultrasound and blood test to check for several things, please keep us in your prayers, I will give you an update on how it goes... they even think we might be able to see what the sex is! If we find out I will definitely let everyone know!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pictures.... finally...

Sorry it took me so long to post some pictures, but here they all are... sorry there will be lots of them, I am going to catch you all up on the pictures in one post... here it goes!

Monday, September 21, 2009

First Football Game!

This past weekend was Evan's first Razorback football game. We were not sure at first how well he would do, especially considering we started setting up the tailgate at 11:30. He suprised us all, he was so good! He loved the game, he sat there the entire time looking around, and checking everything out. Along with clapping when everyone started clapping and raising his hands up when we called the hogs! He was so cute, we video taped some of it, and I will try to see if it will allow me to download it to the blog so everyone can see. If it is to large to download I will video him doing it again, because we practice with him every night at dinner time when he is in his highchair. The game was good besides the loss! I have to admit it was more exciting to watch than any games last year! Hopefully this year the hogs will pull out a few wins!
Evan is now taking four steps at a time and the only reason he falls is because he is trying to go to fast. It is hilarious to watch! We are so proud of him for already starting to walk. He has began eating number 2 baby food (meats) and he really loves them all. He is saying a few more words: momma, dadda, babba (bottle), uh oh (my dad taught him that this weekend), and everything else is just baby talk. He is such a happy baby, he is starting to get at that age where he entertains the entire time... we laugh all night at him. He also is so fast, I am afraid if he is this fast crawling, how fast he will be walking (running).
Some other exciting news.... were pregnant again! I am not sure exactly how far along we are. We have an appointment on Thursday. Since I call on my doctor for work he had me do an ultrasound a few weeks ago just to make sure everything was good, and so far so good. They estimated that I was 10 weeks then, so that would make me 12 weeks if it is correct. We are really excited, and never expected to be pregnant so soon! I actually went 9 weeks without even knowing I was pregnant, that should tell you how busy we have been... I haven't even noticed I am pregnant. Either way, all is well I have not had any sickness, besides being extremely tired, therefore I go to bed when it is Evan's time for bed. As soon as we find out what the sex is I will let all know, but for now all I know is that it is a healthy baby growing well.
I hope you all are doing great, God Bless and have a wonderful week!

I am going to best buy today to purchase the item that will allow for me to download my pictures onto the computer... so hopefully I will have pictures posted by tonight of everything I need to catch up on! Even perhaps Evan's Halloween costume... It is hillarious!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend!

I don't know about anyone else but this past week was extremely long, waiting for the long weekend took forever! Though it was well worth it, we got a babysitter on Friday night and went out to eat to bonefish and went to watch our first movie since we had Evan! If you haven't seen Hangover I highly suggest you to go see it, the movie is hilarious! Firday night my parents also came in real late, we awoke Saturday morning and Ray went fishing while we all went and ran errands and went shopping a little. That night we all met up at the condo in Fayetteville and had some people over to watch the Razorback game! The game was fantastic - we won and it looks like we have a quaterback this year! I really hope this year we can look forward to not only the tailgates but also going to the game! Sunday we woke up early to fix breakfast and head out to the lake - one of our good friends birthday was on Sunday so we went out to their dock and celebrated her birthday with everyone! It was a beutiful day - I am so glad the news reporter was wrong about the weather. Today is Monday - and so far I have got up earlier then everyone else, as of now I am up watching the news waiting for everyone to rise and shine to get ready to go to the lake. I really hope the weather is nice! Either way it feels so nice to be off today and to relax! Update on Evan - he has four teeth that have all grown in, he is very close (too close) to walking! he already gets around to fast crawling so now were in the process of baby proofing the house for a walker... Also, last week he had his nine month check-up. He weighs 21 pounds and is in the 97% percent four height, and 79% for weight, 50% for head circumfrance. He is growing well, and is a healthy kid! He can say ma ma, da da, and what sounds like ba ba - were not sure what that stands for (bottle, or food?) Either way, he is such a wonderful little boy - he does so well when we take him with us anywhere! Actually I hear him crying so he must be awake! Have a wonderful holiday! God Bless and becareful!
Love Michelle