Sunday, December 23, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

3 boys at Christmas!

Last night we met up with the Malone family and went to the Bentonville square to eat at table Mesa. The food was great but the kids were a "little" more wound up then we thought. I guess we underestimated how much candy and cake they had at their Christmas party at school. Either way we had a great time and was able to see lots of "as Evan says so pretty lights."

Right now we are headed over to Tulsa to celebrate Christmas with Rays parents. We are meeting them at coney islander "rays favorite hot dog stop in Tulsa" and then headed to the aquarium. The kids should really enjoy it all! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season!
God bless,

Update on Grayson

This morning they extubated baby Grayson! Now they can give him momma's milk! He's doing great! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!
God bless,

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Grayson update

Grayson's first procedure went great! His oxy Lvl is at 91. 75 is considered good-
The boys going good!! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers! They work!!!
God bless,

Update on Grayson Campbell

Grayson is in the Cath lab now at children's getting the following:
Balloon atrial Septostomy is the procedure. His current oxygen mix is 52. When he comes back from cath lab the objective is to have him at 80.
Grayson will be assessed again after they get his oxygen flowing with the cath procedure. He may need to put some weight on before the switch surgery. One attendant said it could be a week.

Update on Grayson and Mandy

Mandy is at Babtist in little rock. She has to stay there for 24 hours until she can be released, everything for her is great. Grayson was transferred to children's hospital in little rock to get testing to see what the next step is to get him well. He is a beautiful baby boy with great coloring and curly little brown hair. Due to his weight it postpones things a little bit for his treatments. Please pray that he will gain some weight and strength to make it thru a surgery.
God bless,

Baby Grayson Edward Campbell needs your prayers

Please pray- this morning my sister Amanda Fawcett Campbell went into early deliver. He was born around 7:30 this morning. He is very small and currently is being put on oxygen because of his breathing. They are about to check his heart to make sure everything is ok with him. Please pray for him that everything will be healthy and he will develop into a strong healthy happy little boy! Also, please pray for Mandy and Geoffrey- they are both very worried and need strength during this time and faith to know that God will watch over them.
God bless,

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pray for Grace McDonnell

This is Grace, the 7 y/o daughter of Lynn and Chris McDonnell who lost her life in CT on Friday. Chris is one of my husbands co-workers at Stryker Spine. He is the VP of Global marketing. Please keep this family and everyone else in your thoughts and prayers. I have and I am sure many of you have cried thinking about these innocent children and women and what they have gone through in this tragedy. Please put all of the families, children and community in your thoughts and prayers. Lets use this as a time for our nation to come together and unit as one. Give your child a hug tonight and tell them all how loved they are!
God bless them all!

Texarkana weekend

So this weekend we went to Texarkana. It started on Thursday for the boys and we drive down on Friday. Papa came up on Wednesday for a work meeting, he stayed the night at our house and on Thursday took the older boys home with him. I had to go to Kansas City on Thursday for a meeting with work and had to stay the night to return on Friday. So, Ray had a pretty easy Thursday night with only Davis to have to take care of. On Friday I was able to head down early and get some work done before going to Texarkana. We arrived in Texarkana around 9:30-10:00.. The boys had already gone to sleep and we hit the bed pretty quick as well. Saturday Ray got up early and met up with his friend Trevor to go hunting, while I went with the boys and mom to look for an ugly sweater for a party Saturday night that we were invited to go to. After hunting Ray returned to pick me up to head to Hope to go to his college buddies ugly sweater party. We had a great time! The party was a success and their were definitely some ugly sweaters!
We're headed back north now to get home! We had a great time in Texarkana and Hope but as always were ready to get home and get organized for the week ahead!
God bless and have a great Sunday!

Pictures from the weekend!

Davis on the four wheeler!
The dog that ray wants for Christmas! His name is duke... Not sure if I am ready yet for a dog, but I am letting him look.
Evan and Parker playing around in our sunglasses and hats!
Ray and me in our ugly sweater outfits... Ray borrowed his from his friend Chad (it lights up) and I found mine at crackle barrel in the rob section... Go figure- they actually were the best place to find sweaters and jewelry!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today was a good day for all! Ray had a good day at work, me as well, and the boys had as Evan would say "a magical day." Let me explain... One of Evan's classmates had a birthday at school. The science guy came to his class and did a science expreience that Evan thought was so cool and magical. All he talked about after we picked him up from daycare was the birthday party with the m
agic guy. Parker had a good day as well, even though when he came home he went to bed very early. He didn't sleep very well last night... it might have been the creeping into our bed that kept him up all night but either way he hasn't been feeling very good due to an ear infection and a little cold. So I think it all caught up to him and after dinner he fell asleep on Papa's lap. Papa came in town today for a work meeting and ended up staying the night. The boys were so excited to see him walk thru the door after dinner, and are even more excited when they were told they could sleep in Papa's bed and ride tomorrow home to see Nana. I had to pack Evan and Parker's bags tonight so that in the morning Papa can make the trip with the two of them back to Texarkana. It works out perfect since I am leaving at the crack of dawn to head to a meeting for work in Kansas City and have to stay the night and return Friday. Ray and I have plans to head to Texarkana upon my return on Friday from Kansas City. So now Ray will only have Davis to care for while I am away for the night and the two older boys get to be spoiled an extra day by Nana and Papa "not that they aren't spoiled enough." Evan's favorite things today were the science guy and wearing his jacket to school. He was thankful for the science guyParker was thankful for his motorcycle and singing at school. His favorite thing about the day was the science guy "because Evan said it first"Davis was excited to see us when we picked him up from daycare and got to ride Parker's bike since Parker had fallen asleep. Ray was thankful for a good day at work.Michelle was thankful for an account being happy with the service of the products that I sale and not getting a call from the daycare that one of the kids were sick "every day this week I have been called."Have a great hump day!God bless,MichellePictures are from Easter 2012 at the club Easter egg hunt and Easter morning at our house... fun times - the boys needed a haircut but sooo cute and wow how Davis has grown!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm back! Ok so I admit I took a break from the blog... no excuses but that I kept putting it off and then felt like I got so far behind that I didn't want to have to catch up on all of the posts. So I have decided the only way to get back to the blog is to start where we are and catch you up gradually on what I have missed vs. try and catch up on one post. So.. here it goes. Evan just turned four years old on December 2. We had a big birthday bash at the house, the theme was spider man (Evan's favorite super hero right now) and Santa Clause came to visit. I think all of the kids had a blast running around the house and the weather was nice enough for them to go outside and bounce on the spider man bounce house. He wanted an IPAD and motorcycle for his birthday but we talked him into letting that be his Christmas wishes and want Jake and the never land pirate stuff for his birthday. He received the cutest gift from his Aunt Mandy and uncle Geoffrey. It was his first set of roller blades (spider man themed of course)! He is hilariously cute wearing all of his knee, elbow, wrist pads, and helmet. You have to hold his hand while he rides them, but he will let you know the entire time that he will one day do it by himself. Of course, the birthday presents all went over well, but Parker still doesn't quit understand why they don't get the same things on birthdays... so you can guess what Parker is getting for Christmas - a spider man set of roller blades. Speaking of Parker, he is currently 2 and will be turning 3 in March. Over the past year he has grown up so much. He is Evan's little shadow and best friend. They argue a lot but seconds later they wonder where each of them are if they aren't playing together. It constantly amazes me to watch them talk to one another and play. I can't imagine one without the other. I would have to say having each other makes them who they are, and I think it gives each of them a little more confidence and guts doing things that kids there age wouldn't do.. for instance riding motorcycles, tackling with real helmets like they are 13 years old, and doing many more things that I feel if they didn't have the other with them they would be more timid about stepping out and trying new things. But, you can't forget Davis. He is quickly turning the duo into a trio. Every where that Evan goes Davis is sure to follow and monkey see monkey do! Davis is our happy, active, and curious little monkey! If you aren't in a good mood I promise Davis will make you laugh, and if he can't the other two will help! Davis turned 1 in August (my baby is growing up)! He is 1 going on 5. Me and Ray both have to continuously remind ourselves that he is only 1 year old. He is so tough - he will tackle with the older boys like he is the same age and laugh the entire time when you would think he should be crying. I am still working with Bard Access Systems - medical device company and Ray is still selling his medical devices and owning and growing his company! Our family is happy and growing fast! My sister is pregant and due very soon! We might have a little cousin for Christmas! His name will be Grayson Edwards... I love the name and it follows in line with the family names. On Geoffrey's side they always start all of the boys names with a G and the middle name is Edward. Such a neat tradition. We are so excited to have a little cousin! We ask the boys each night at the dinner table what is there favorite thing and what they are thankful for and this was theirs tonight: Evan - thankful for Daddy picking him up from school, dinner, motorcycles, and favorite thing was hot dogs (dinner meal) and the color orange Parker - thankful for school, nana and papa, daddy, mommy, baby (that's what they call Davis), fruit, playground at school, and favorite thing was motorcycles, bike, and the color green Davis - can't talk yet (we think he isn't talking because he doesn't have too... he just points and the boys talk for him) but if he could he would tell you that he loves taking his brothers bikes from them, he loves sitting on the four wheeler and jumping up and down on it, he loves eating the little apple sauces squeeze things, and his favorite toy right now is a car that has buttons on it that when you push them they make noises and make the wheels spend. I am thankful for my husband, family, health, friendship and my job (I finally found something that fits me) My favorite thing is decorating for Christmas. Ray was thankful for his family, health kids, great day at work and the season. Ray's favorite thing is playing with his sons. Have a wonderful week and I plan on posting something each night - long or short I will post something! God Bless, Michelle

Friday, January 6, 2012

Trick or Treat!!

We loaded up the golf cart and headed out in the neighborhood to go trick or treating! The kids were adorable!! They had a blast! The Malone's came out and went with us, and we tried meeting up with the Hatfields but they were dressed as Bat family and scared the kids (it was pretty funny) but they scared them so bad that we couldn't be around them because Parker cried the entire time they were around us. Enjoy the pictures!

Happy Halloween!

Evan was Buzz! Parker was Woody! Davis was the little Alien off of Toys Story and me and Ray tried to make ourselves into Buzz and Jessie with what we had at the house. Here are some pictures of us getting ready to go to the Country Club Halloween festival. The kids had a blast and loved their costumes! So cute!

Pictures around the house!

Bath time with the boys is hilarious - here are some pictures of them both in their together - as well here are some pictures of all of the boys on the floor playing around. Davis is getting so big. He already can roll over! Yes crazy I know but he is such a mover and a shaker which I was afraid of since that was how he was inside my stomach. We think he is going to be a lot like Evan (never stops). Love our little happy boy! Enjoy the pictures!