Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter weekend

Lots of family, beautiful weather and an amazing reason to celebrate! But has this ever happened to you... Our trash compacter stops working, the upstairs air conditioner want turn on and cool the upstairs... Where an entire family is supposed to sleep... The hot water heater isn't getting hot enough in the guest bedrooms... Well it all came flooding down on Friday for us but none the less we made the most of the weekend! The family stayed in a hotel down the street- we stuck a trash can in the kitchen and figured out what was wrong with the hot water heater and it started working!! Happy Friday came and the weekend flew by with lots of cute outfits, eggs full of candy, baskets full of gifts, and VERY thankful praises for the reason of the day Jesus Christ! After everyone left I couldn't help but look around and look up and say thank you to the man upstairs for everything! 
I hope you had a blessed Easter full of smiles and blessings! 

Parker gets hit with a golf club

Yep it happened... Parker walked into the backswing of Evans golf club... After a visit to our dentist Friday and the pediatric dentist Monday all is well! It didn't cause the tooth to break we just have to wait till the ligaments push it back straight.. It doesn't look pretty but he's happy! 
Lesson learned- if you have a tooth baby or permanent her hit out of place the sooner you can grab it and put it back in place the sooner it goes back to normal... Go figure! 

First stitches for Davis

Last Friday Davis hit his head into the furniture... And ended up spending the morning at the dermatologist office getting stitches. It took 4 people to old him down but afterwards he was more worries shot going back to school to not miss the Easter egg hunt! Look close above the right eye... See the goop in the hair... Yep that's the stitches! The goop keeps it from scabbing up and hurting more when they take them out. 

First tooth to loose Evan Canode

Evan went to school today and lost his first tooth. Here's the text from the teacher that I received not an hour after dropping him off... 
"His tooth was bleeding a little and we had him bite down on a tissue to stop the bleeding and it came right out! :) "
First night for the tooth fairy to hit our house!