Sunday, November 21, 2010

Annual Thanksgiving with friends

Every year before Thanksgiving someone from our group host the annual Thanksgiving dinner at there home for everyone to have a huge potluck to have time to look back at the year and enjoy time with everyone! This year we were the host, we had a wonderful time and hope everyone else did as well. Enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!
God Bless,

The kids clowning around...

This weekend we have been hanging around the house putting up the rest of the Christmas lights, trees and trimming... Also, the boys were being real good and cute so we grabbed the camera to take a few pictures of them around the house. Here they are so I hope you enjoy!
God Bless,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Game Weekend!

This weekend we took part in the last Razorback home game for the year. Arkansas vs. UTEP, it was obviously not the biggest game of the year, but we definitely made the most of the game. We arrived at the tailgate around 3:00 and Evan was ready to go into the game immediately. He kept walking down to the path to walk to the game saying "football momma" and "go hogs" he didn't understand why we were not going into the game. We hung out at the tailgate until about 5:45 and headed that way. It was very cold down at the tailgate so mom stayed in the truck with Parker, since he already has an ear infection and a cold, and we all took Evan "which at the time was the only one excited to go into the game" once we sat in our seats we were surprised to find that it was much warmer in the stadium and we were not nearly as cold. Actually, we had taken up blankets and didn't put them to use. We stayed till half time and then headed back to the car back to the house. Once we arrived to the house I worked on finishing the boys Christmas tree along with putting up the big tree in the living room. It is finally finished, and the boys as well. Now all I have left are the small things around the house and the mantle but that doesn't take nearly as long as the tree. I will post some pictures later. We had a fabulous weekend, fall is amongst us and I am loving it! It seems as if everyone starts to get in better moods around this time of the year! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
God Bless, and best wishes!

Little tidbits:
Evan - has officially been to every Razorback football game this year and loved them all! We were surprised at how well he did at all of the games.
Parker - has been to every Razorback game this year except for Auburn (babysitter because we were in charge of the tailgate) and UTEP (to cold) but great effort. He was also very good - actually slept thru most of them!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fast week!

It seems like last week flew by and already this weekend as crept up on us way to fast! We really didn't do much last weekend besides hanging out at the house. I decided that we needed to put up the Christmas lights, so we completed that task, and this weekend I plan on getting most of the Christmas decorations up. Yes, I know it is not even Thanksgiving yet, but having two kids keeps your weekends busy! I for casted that this would be the only free weekend that I sorta have available (not counting the UofA game) that we have free, and it helps that my parents are going to be here to help with the kids.
So updates on the kiddos:
Evan - talking up a storm!! He definitely is going to be our defiant child, his favorite word now is "no." even when it doesn't make much since to say no.... He has been spending more time in "time out" than usual but I think he is just going thru that stage. He has become obsessed with Buzz and Woody, we watch Toy Story 3 every night, and the part in the beginning where they are riding on a train... that is his favorite part so he ask us to "rere" - rewind it to the train part over and over again. He is also counting to 10 and we are working on the ABC's we definitely have the beginning and the end.. the middle he likes to skip. He loves singing the Happy Birthday song whenever a candle, fire or anything that looks like it is fire is lit, and usually he likes for us to sing it with his name in the song. Still enjoys playing golf, and watching airplanes, but since football is on TV the most, that is the sport that he is playing the most of...
Parker - crawling so fast! He is keeping up with his brother for sure. He is already standing up on things and loves to have you hold his hands and pretend to walk. Evan tries to help but usually he falls because he is going to fast. Parker still smiles no matter what you do, if you are looking at him and saying his name he will smile back at you. He is definitely our sunshine!! He is so funny he makes noises constantly and when I say noises they are loud and go on for hours. Especially at dinner when he gets excited that's when the real noises come out. He is trying to talk... some say he says dadda but that's not for sure yet...

Coming up - Evan's 2nd birthday party - Santa is going to come and visit!
Lot's is going on around our house - I hope everyone is enjoying the fall season! God Bless,
I'll add pictures later!