Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Monika's birthday party

So monika wanted to go shoot guns for her birthday... And yes she got her wish. We had a blast and proved to be pretty good shots!

Member guest tournament at the Pinnacle

The kids went down for the week to my parents while I worked and Ray played in the golf tournament with Curt Davis. They had a great time and played well. Brandon Hurlbut and Jared McBride won the entire thing. Here are some pictures of us all hanging out!

Finally lake time!!!

We spent Sunday on the lake with friends! The kids were so excited because we had to buy a new tube and they all could fit into it! The parents were excited bc we didn't have to ride with them since they are old enough now to ride by themselves. On Sunday Davis also took his first surf ride with Ray! So exciting and he loved it! The entire time Parker was riding with him he was yelling me, me go .. So cute!

Scooby Doo live!

Walton art center with Evan and Parker! Watching Scooby Doo live with the kids! We only had 4 tickets so Davis had to stay with the sitter! Great time! Enjoy the pics!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Your in our thoughts and prayers Trey and Rachel

Bracelets will cost $5.00 each, with all profits being donated to st. Jude children's hospital, the charity of choice by both the Swetnam and Varner families. Go to:
rachelandtrey.weebly.com to place the order.
Please pray for the families and friends.
God bless,

Boys having fun

A few pictures of the boys having fun

Pray for tornado victims!

Praying for all of the families effected by this storm. God bless you all! We are praying for you during this time.
God bless,

I hugged my family a little longer tonight appreciating the blessings and safety we had today and always from God!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Photo Book

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Photo Book

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