Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

So, today was Halloween and we made the most of the day and holiday. My parent's were in town not only for Halloween but also for the game and to help me since Ray is out of town hunting till Monday. After lunch we went to the club where they had a Halloween carnival for the kids, and hay ride. Evan's favorite games were the putt putt golf (of course) and the fishing game. It was so cute he wanted to keep going back to the fish game and look behind the curtain to see what really was going on back there. We skipped the hay ride for some time for the boys to hit golf balls. My dad took Evan to the range to let him hit some golf balls where it was safe to hit them. Afterwards we went back to the house so the boys could clean up and get ready for trick or treating! Jamie Davis, a very good friend of mine came over to help me with the boys since my parents had to get on the road. Monika Hatfield and Maya came over to pick us up on the golf cart and we set out into the neighborhood. The kids were so cute!! I am a little bias but everyone else seemed to agree. Monika has a daughter that is 6 months younger then Evan. So, she is right in between the two boys so we thought it would be so cute to dress them all in the same theme. I am so glad we did, because they were so cute as little Indian boys, and Maya as Pocahontas. We had a wonderful time and could not have asked for better weather. Now I am home obviously keeping up on the blog because my sister has only text me 20 times asking for more pictures of the boys at Halloween. So here they are aunt Mandy I hope you enjoy them!!!
God Bless and best wishes throughout the week,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Evan is in love with airplane's

Last weekend we went to Wal-Mart after the game and purchased a couple of Air hogs to see what Evan thought about flying airplanes vs. just watching them. Let's just say he loved it!! My dad had to drag him into the house after it rained on both of them enough to figure out that it would be smart to come inside. Below are a few pictures of them in the drive way flying them around.

Arkansas vs. Ole MIss

Playing in the garage lead to trying on Daddy's helmet!

We finally won! Last weekend Arkansas played Ole Miss and finally was able to pull-out a win after two 45 minute rain delays. The first half of the game was exciting and we were able to get a few pictures from the game before the rain came down. We had a great time and lots of people came out to the tailgate. We had the Coffee family up for the weekend visiting, as well as the Drousts family. We had a great time, the house was full of people and fun! Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Sorry it has been so long....

Pumpkin Patch 2010
We went to the Pumpkin Patch with Ray's parents and the Malone family. Ray's family left after the kids rode the donkey pull, and then we walked thru the pumpkin patch with the Malone family to find some pumpkins. The boys felt like it was a photograph session, and maybe it was but the pictures turned out great. I hope you enjoy viewing them, we sure had fun taking them!

Ray's parents came into town to visit the kids and join us at the pumpkin patch!

Evan's new love - airplane's
Every time my parent's are in town my dad takes Evan to see the airplanes. He loves watching them take off, fly over and visiting the pilots in the hangers.

Go Texas Ranger's beat the Yankee's!!!

Parker's first real crawl!!!

Arkansas vs. Alabama

Arkansas vs. Alabama tailgate! Go Hogs Go!

Parker - Razorback fan

Ray and Evan in his Sigma Nu Legacy T-Shirt

Parker and Dad

LPGA Golf Tournament at Pinnacle

Starting with the most recent!! Parker is crawling. Two weeks ago Parker took his first crawl forward on the golf course out on the range. We were watching Ray, Dad, and Evan hitting golf balls while Parker Ray crawled all the way to his nana. We are so excited and love watching him play with Evan. Evan is so excited now that he can crawl and chase after Evan.
Evan is talking a lot more. I think his favorite word is no.... we are having issues with him saying no every time we ask him to do something. He is at least cute while he is saying no.. Either way, the boys are both growing so fast, and getting along great. Parker loves watching Evan laugh and play in front of him. He sits there and laughs at him the entire time. Parker has two teeth on the bottom. Evan has a mouth full of teeth.
Here are some pictures from some events we have had recently.
Enjoy... sorry it has been a little busy, I will try harder to keep up with the blog better.